Centurioni Images is an „Environmental & Wildlife Film production“, based in the city of Innsbruck, Austria.

Patrick Centurioni is a biologist, director and cameraman. The aim of the company is promoting and presenting nature and its biodiversity in an esthetic way.

special interest: after some scientific work including my master thesis in Indonesia, willing to focus more on tropical issues.


It's not just about doing film, it's about embedding a message through it. An exciting story that is told suspenseful is always the best way to arrest someone's attention. The stories I like to tell in my work deal about endangered species, the struggle of survival in the wilderness which has become a serious challenge for many creatures demanding on close interaction with their natural environment. Varying global habitats still keep lots of hidden secrets about the significant role of creatures within their living space, representing the ecological value of an environment.



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Centurioni Images focus on nature film & Wildlife

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Patrick Centurioni is a founder of the Multi Slider